temptation: vacation


it’s really tempting to just buy a ticket and go on vacation right now.. tried the patricia urquiola chair today for “real”, it was so lovely, would go great on a balcony. or on a terasse, like the one above. sea-view.. no, no vacation: renovation. focus.

en semester skulle sitta fint. men nu måste den här renoveringen bli klaar.

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4 Responses to “temptation: vacation”

  1. Maia says:

    Oh gosh, that window!! What a view!!!!

  2. tak says:

    this is Villa Malaparte. You can see it in “Le Mepris”

    You will recognize the view at 6:00, when Piccoli asks Bardo: “Why do you despise me?”

  3. KAELA says:

    I wish that were the view outside my bedroom window. Beautiful.

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