grandmas makeup

grandmas house

juergen teller


a feeling you can have some days.. photo by juergen teller and unknown.

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4 Responses to “velvet”

  1. shila says:

    Teller takes great beauty shots!
    The last one is from vice magazine :)

  2. hanna says:

    Hej, tack för en underbart inspirerande sida, först och främst. Sen tänkte jag höra om du, eller någon annan, vet vad tapeten med fåglarna heter? Och vem har gjort den?
    Tack på förhand!

    Hi, anyone who knows anything about that wallpaper with birds?


  3. HarryMcK says:

    Gorgeous shoot. My favourite is the 2nd one down, it’s a fantastic contrast and I know so many ‘fashion types’ who look so incongruous in certain surroundings.


  4. shirs says:

    hello, i adore your blog and i have a question for you.
    you sometimes post pictures of bedrooms. i am going to change the look my own bedroom soon and i love the style of photos that you post, so i was wondering if you can give me links to websites that will help me in my process :)

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