aoki, vodianova, sorrenti

mario sorrenti

devon aoki

natalia vodianova

the photos of natalia are by mario sorrenti. sadly, i don’t know who took the one of devon but i do like her space-rock.

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7 Responses to “aoki, vodianova, sorrenti”

  1. KC says:

    I adore your blog–filled with such beauty and reality…always inspiring. You have good taste. Rawness mixed with purity. I love it. Thanks.

  2. a.n.e says:

    ahhh aoki look so adorable that ‘lil blob’ among the rocks.

  3. dessi says:

    åh, vad fantastisk den andra bilden är. som en fåtölj gjord av sten! det ser jättebekvämt ut.

  4. Erika says:

    Her space… rock?

  5. Uli says:

    Oeh, cool rock… I like that one!

  6. Kevser says:

    God morgon…nice

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