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dallas clayton




We can plant food
in the earth
and it will grow.

It is not a secret.
It is easier to make
than clothes or movies.

We don’t even need to yell at it.
You don’t even need to freak out
or stress,
or whatever you call it
when your jaw gets all tight
like I saw it get that one time
you were mad about your coworker
who cheated you out of that sales commission.

Yeah, you were so mad then.
Couldn’t stop talking about it.
Coming up with weird revenge plans
like a TV caper crook.

Can’t even remember that job now.
Can’t even remember what it felt like to call someone a coworker.
But you remember the food we ate.

Juicy Watermelons.
Came up out of the ground
took no effort at all
just time.
like a baby
or anything else that truly matters.


don’t worry by
dallas clayton