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tim walker, ryan mcginley

tim walker vogue uk march 2009

tim walker vogue uk march 2009

tim walker vogue uk march 2009

kate moss by ryan mcginley

feathers, eggs and swans.. nobody tells a story like tim walker. this editorial is from the march issue of vogue uk. the last picture however is by ryan mcginley.  i thought of it while putting together the first three and.. isn’t it a little scary how well some pictures go together? in this case – was it a coincidence or was walker in fact a little inspired by mcginley? what do you think?

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Tim Walker

tim walker har ett eget litet rum i mitt hjärta. ett rum med vita knarriga trägolv, tapeter med snirkliga blommor och fjärliar, lavendellila fåtöljer och en gammal grammofon som spelar cocorosie.

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balcony, bird

the other day, this petite bird flew into my living room. i was so scared, you can’t imagine. i locked myself in the wc and used an iphone to cry for help. what a lousy city-child i have become. oh well, bird; i still think you’re so very cute, i’m sorry. i think i’ve just lost some contact with nature, if you know what i mean, and by chance happen to have an internet connection.

2nd photo: daphne groeneveld by tim walker