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How to get new ideas from blogging

Foamy ocean surfing and pastel green pools.
Plush pink sofa and hexagon star tiles.

San Moisè in Venice and modernist glass atrium house in Berlin by Eduard Ludwig.

Yep, you can actually get ideas from blogging instead of just for it. You’ll enjoy both the idea-process and the blogging-process at the same time.

When I started blogging, it was basically just teen me saving down photos from all over the web into a folder on the computer.  Then, seeing the photos next to each other would make me put them together in posts with different themes and color schemes. I found it super enjoyable, the randomness that would occur and how to things could fit so well together without feeling strained or forced.

There is actually something meditative about the process because, when you don’t have to find anything, you may just find something new.

And this new thing can be anything, like a color combination, two photography-styles that fit together or discovering a new favorite blog or site. The thing is, you can use these ideas for work later on, reading your own blog to see where your thoughts went lately when they didn’t have to go somewhere.

I think it gives blogging a new meaning, it’s like exercising you creative muscles instead of just hitting the gym.

Kitchen ideas for IKEA and Moby butter dish.

So, basically:

Scroll away

Don’t feel unproductive just because you’re scrolling randomly thorugh the web on you spare time, think of it as exercising your creative muscles and re-discovering what you enjoy.

Pin it, print screen it and instagram it

Save it down to whatever platform is most convenient and leave it to incubate until you need it later on. If you ever need it that is, the whole point is to do it for no reason other than for yourself.

Put it together when you don’t have to

You’ll see what goes best when you least expect it. Give yourself an hour with your blog and put together your findings. And sure, put thought into it, just not too much thought. This should just be the things you find inspiring and they’re not meant to solve a problem or create an amazing gain.

Return and collect

When you’re in the research process of creating a new idea, don’t forget to return to yourself, you’ll be surprised by how many new angles you created and then forgot about on your spare time.

Afterall, I think this is the method our favorite tumblrs use, right? Just creating a flow of nonsense and nowness :)

Instagram bedroom snap by Cali vintage and a perfect Portugal pool side by Cannelle et Vanille.

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